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Whoring my art for money
 Because I need money's I am gonna do commissions, so if any one bothers to read this, I will draw you whatever you like! (for money)

My Deviantart entry on it


2 pics max per month (because I has schoolings to do)
$1 for a sketch, this is where simple ideas and the cracky stuff will go I expect
$5 for a proper drawing of one character of your choice, as in I sketch it, do the lineart in pen and erase the pencil sketch, maybe add a teen bit of shading but it's still a plain black and white drawing
$5 for anything extra like colour or more characters or a background. (specifying digital, traditional of a bit of both for a medium would help.)
$10 for a comic, the five dollar rule is removed for more characters here but stands for backgrounds or color. also; it is ten dollars per page cause that stuff takes time!

I would be totally honored if any lj peeps want me to draw them something, and like I said on my DA; I will need details for poses, outfits, refferences, what kind of a rating or feel you'd like. I can do most of the research myself but the more provided the easyer my job gets!

And I didn't wanna say it on DA but I am totally fine with drawing something porny,  I can't guarantee that I won't giggle immaturely while I do it but it's like anatomy practice for me so I'm down with that!

So to the few people who may read this: SPREAD THE WORD! Anyone who wants to commission me for a pic just send me a message either here or on my deviant art and I'mm get their details and put them on the list! :D I'll send the pic strait to email unless I'm given permission to post it elsewhere... I can't send the original YET but when I do I'll let yo know.


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